License Plate Readers Track Drivers

Police Automatically Lookup Driver Records

Police, the highway patrol and other law enforcement officers have a powerful tool for monitoring drivers: the license plate reader. According to the Kansas City Examiner license plate readers allow law enforcement to access a database of information about the car and driver through an automatic scan of a passing car’s license plate. A license plate lookup can provide information about driver contact information, parking tickets, vehicle information and accident records.

Driver Information versus Privacy Rights

The Kansas City Examiner notes that as the various databases and lists that store private car and driver information may lack the complete record but would alert law enforcement of possible illegal activity, the police will automatically distrust drivers as a result of license plate readers. This distrust will likely increase the rift between the driving public and law enforcement. Furthermore, the chance that vehicle tracking will lead to increases in tracking the identity, location, and activities of citizens is high.


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