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How to Lookup Any Montana License Plate Number

1. If you want to know the easiest and most cost effective way to run a Montana license plate lookup, an online vehicle record website is the best way to proceed. All you need is an internet connection and the full plate number of the vehicle in question.

2. Another option is to request the information from the state. For the state of Montana, the form you need is located here:

3. Lastly, the Montana Motor Vehicle Department is a good option to procure your own vehicle records however you cannot access vehicle information of others.

Montana State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Montana Department of Motor Vehicles

Scott Hart Building, Second Floor 303 North Roberts
Helena, MT 59620



The recovery of license plate records varies by state. In some cases, license plate and driving records may only be accessible by the registered owner of the vehicle. In addition, there may be a fee to access the information.

The Montana Department of Public Safety is another agency that keeps driving and license plate related records in Montana. Contacting this agency, you may find information related to drivers licenses, registrations, renewals, and more.

Montana Department of Public Safety  contact info:
Phone Number: 406 444-4542
Office Address: Cogswell Building 1400 Broadway
Helena, MT 59620

The Montana Department of Transportation also keeps records related to license plates, registrations, and driving records along with numerous other services.

Montana Department of Transportation contact info:
Phone Number: 406-444-6200
Office Address:  2701 Prospect Avenue
Helena, MT 59620

Montana License Plate LookupMontana DMV Resources

The Montana DMV web page is a fantastic resource for information for drivers. They offer a wide variety of resources easily accessible with a click of a button.

Information about obtaining a driver’s license or identification card is readily available. This information includes: training and educational resources, information for new drivers, general license information, commercial license resources and information for those seeking a motorcycle license. For new drivers, the site offers the option to take a practice test before taking the official licensing exam. Another helpful section when looking for license information is the listing of DMV locations and hours of operation.

Another resource is the information available on registrations and titling. This includes information for new title, renewing registration, license plates, transferring titles for vehicles and insurance requirement.

Drivers will also be able to access information on driving tickets or traffic violations. This is also a good resource for those with a suspended license, DUI or DWI, warrants, tickets, and a DMV point guide. Information on accidents is also available that includes a step by step guide for those involved in vehicle accidents.

The insurance section details state requirements for car insurance. Resources are available that cover the various type of insurance that could be desired. This section is also helpful as it allows users to compare car insurance rates from various companies to ensure they are getting a good deal.

There is a wealth of information available for those looking to buy or sell a car. There are guides for those looking to buy new and used which caters to any buyer. Information is also available for those looking to sell before upgrading to a new vehicle. Auto loans and financing options are also available for those who are new to the care buying process. One helpful section allows users to complete a vehicle history report. This is a great resource for those looking to buy a used vehicle as it provides buyers with extra confidence that their next big purchase will be a worthwhile investment.

The Montana DMV also provides information on updated or important traffic and vehicle laws and guidelines. Important forms are also available for printing which saves time driving to a local location as they can be easily accessed and printed from a home computer. This website provides a great deal of information to meet the needs of any driver.

How To Perform A Montana Car Owner Search

You can run a Montana car owner lookup the same way you run a normal vehicle record search, with either the license plate number or the VIN. You’ll want to use one of the online vehicle record websites, like Next you’ll need to verify that your reason for accessing Montana car owner information is in line with state and federal privacy laws and then you can run the search and access the vehicle owner information you’re after.