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How to Lookup Any Arkansas License Plate Number

1. Lookup an Arkansas license plate number with a third party vehicle record lookup. These vehicle record resources are run by private companies, and can offer you quick online access that is anonymous and confidential. This is the easiest option for consumers looking for information because it involves the least amount of work.

2. A second option is to make your request from the state. For the state of Arkansas, you can use this form, The Arkansas Vehicle Records Request Form to access vehicle records but typically for your vehicle only.

3. The third option is to use a private investigator service. This is by far the most expensive option but it has a lot of benefits and they do the heavy lifting locating the information you’re after.

Arkansas State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles

Ragland Building
1900 W 7th St, Ste 1100
Little Rock, AR 72201


Arkansas DMV Website

What Can Be Found With An Arkansas License Plate Lookup

An Arkansas license plate lookup can reveal a lot of information about a vehicle and it’s owner. You’ll first need to know what the full license plate number is and then have a valid reason for running your search. The information obtained by an Arkansas license plate lookup may be limited depending on what your reasoning for obtaining the information is. There are specific federal and state privacy guidelines that need to be observed.. In some cases, Arkansas license plate number and driver records may only be accessible by the registered owner of a car.

Arkansas License Plate LookupArkansas DMV Resources

The Arkansas Division of Motor Vehicles offers a number of services to the states residents. These include services such as title, vehicle registration and license renewal. One of the most common services that the Arkansas Division of Motor Vehicles offers to residents is testing. This is simply the administration of both the written and road tests. These tests must be passed in order for anyone in the state to drive a car or other vehicle. When looking to receive such services you will need to first set up an appointment and then take the written or road test. Once you pass then you are able to get your license.

Another service that the Arkansas Division of Motor Vehicles offers is licensing. This includes either the application for a first license, renewing one or getting one reinstated. Like testing you will need to arrange an appointment and then fill out an application. Once the application is submitted you will then need to provide forms of identification and then get your photo taken and pay a small fee. After this is done then you will have your license.

One of the services that you will get from the state website is vehicle tag renewal. This is the process of renewing the tags on your vehicle. Some vehicles are issued car tags and this service allows you to get them renewed either online or in person. This service is helpful when you need to change your address.

The next service offered online by the Arkansas Division of Motor Vehicles is replacement title. This is simply the process of changing the name of the owner of a given vehicle. With this service you will fill out a form to change title of a vehicle. In this process the previous owner needs to sign a form and notify the state of a change of ownership. The form is usually a written form of permission to change title of vehicle ownership.

When looking to access services from the Arkansas DMV, some other services include motor boat registration, and specialty tags and placards. These are services in which you can register a boat in your name and declare yourself the owner of it. Specialty tags and placards are tags which will allow vehicle owners to customize their license plates. With all of these services, residents of Arkansas will have what they need in order to properly identify their vehicles.