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Reverse License Plate Lookup

Where Can You Go to Do a Reverse License Plate Lookup? Thanks to the internet, you can access a wealth of information from the comfort of home. Countless websites allow you to perform reverse telephone number searches, reverse street address searches and searches for all kinds of […]

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Pennsylvania License Plate and Driving Records

On television’s “Cold Case,” Philadelphia Detective Lilly Rush solves cases that have been lying dormant with no new clues for years. She has access to the databases of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and that information often helps her to get the information she needs to crack […]

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License Plate State Regulations

Wondering exactly why a reverse license plate search is a good idea? A state-wide reverse license plate search can help you find information that the police or the state Department of Motor Vehicles is unable to disclose to you. Government bureaucracies have legal restrictions on giving out […]

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