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How to Lookup Any Alabama License Plate Number

The search for vehicle records in the state of Alabama through a license plate number can be done in a few ways:

1. Private databases purchase, organize, and sell information to consumers. These databases are run by private companies, not State or Federal government organizations. This is the easiest option for consumers looking for information because it involves the least amount of work.

Our sponsors are an example of a private database that sells information. Simply start your search by typing a license plate number in the search field on the right.

2. Another option is to request the information from the state. For the state of Alabama, the form you need is located here:
Alabama Vehicle Records Request Form

3. One more option is to hire a private investigator. This is the most expensive option, but it could prove useful.

Alabama State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Alabama Department of Public Safety

PO Box 1511
Montgomery, AL 36102



Most investigations of driving records in the state of Alabama involve the Alabama Department of Public Safety. This is the official agency in Alabama that administrates the records for license plate registration, DMV records, drivers license records, and other driving related records.

Be aware that Alabama driving records including license plate records are legally protected and are generally viewable only by the person whose record is being viewed as well as attorneys, governments, legal authorities, and anyone with a warrant. There is usually a fee to access the information as well and in most cases they will take credit cards as well as other forms of payment.

Another resource for researching Alabama license plate records is the Alabama Motor Vehicles Division. This is the agency in Alabama that manages driving records as well as registrations, licenses, and more.
The phone number for the Alabama Motor Vehicles Division is 334-242-9000, and they are located at 50 North Ripley Street, Room 1239 in Montgomery. They can be accessed online at

Another Department in Alabama that deals with driving related records is the Alabama Department of Transportation. As with the other government agency departments in Alabama, the Department of Transportation is tasked with the administration of driving related records among other things.

You can contact the Alabama Department of Transportation at 256 582-2254 and their address is 1409 Coliseum Boulevard in Montgomery, AL. Their online address is

Alabama DMV Resources
The website for the Alabama DMV provides basic and crucial information that is beneficial for drivers and vital statistics for those who need to acquire important documents. The website itself is easy to navigate and has numerous services that are available to you right at the comfort of your own home.

The services that are provided to you through this website are remarkable. As well as very easy to understand and navigate. Like most websites there is a section for general information about office locations, hours and contact information for near your residence. When you first enter the website, you will see many options that are rather self explanatory so you can quickly navigate to what you are initially looking for. If you are a driver then you have the ability to get information on how to renew or replace your drivers license and if you are a new driver you can make an appointment right on the website to get your learner’s permit and take your required tests. Again if you are a new driver and have not taken your written test then there are practice test and handbook that you can get from the website to help you along the way.

There is a section for vehicle owners who want to obtain car titles or register their newly purchased vehicle. You have the option to change information like your address and name right from the DMV website so you do not have to go all the way to a ground location.

Another key thing that is available to you is access to your driving and criminal records. Alongside this you can find information on how to get a birth or marriage certificate. You have the option to apply for both from this site.

There is so much more content that is shown on the Alabama DMV website. As you go through the website you will find a great amount of information on how to get plates and tags for your car(s) and exact pricing for each service that is provided by the department of motor vehicles. Extra information is also there to assist you in understanding car insurance and tips for buying your first car. Forms are also uploaded for you to print depending on what application you specifically need. No information is unsaid on this website so you wouldn’t even need to call in.