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How to Lookup Any Delaware License Plate Number

1. To perform a Delaware license plate lookup you can use one of the many public record websites that specialize in license plate and vehicle information. These public record websites are run by private companies and offer you anonymity with your searches. This is typically the easiest to access information for vehicles, which can be performed from a smartphone or laptop computer.

2. Another good option is requesting the Delaware license plate number information directly from the state. In the state of Delaware, the form you need is Delaware Vehicle Records Request Form. You’ll be able to request vehicle record and driver record information for yourself and your vehicle.

3. The last but not least option is to hire a private investigator to lookup the license plate and vehicle records you’re interested in. This process cost quite a bit more but you’ll get quite a bit more vehicle information as well.

Delaware State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles

1300 Airport and Churchmans Road
New Castle, DE 19720



Delaware Car Owner Search By License Plate

Some car owner information can be obtained by running a Delaware license plate number search. You’ll need to know the full DE license plate number of the vehicle of interest and then make sure you have an allowable reason to run this search and obtain DE car owner information. It’s important to note that some Delaware car owner information may be limited depending on what is available to the general public. You can also find out the history of a car and all the specs and options of a car with the license plate number or VIN with most public record websites.

The Delaware Department of Public Safety is another agency that keeps driving and license plate related records in Delaware. Contacting this agency, you may find information related to drivers licenses, registrations, renewals, and more.

Delaware Department of Public Safety  contact info:
Phone Number: 302 744-2680
Office Address: 5700 303 Transportation Circle
Dover, DE 19903

The Delaware Department of Transportation also keeps records related to license plates, registrations, and driving records along with numerous other services.
Delaware Department of Transportation contact info:
Phone Number: 800.652.5600
Office Address:  800 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19901

Delaware License Plate LookupDelaware DMV Resources

The DMV in the state of Delaware provides many valuable services . There are services for licensed drivers and for people looking to get their drivers license. A young driver can schedule a driving test at their local DMV to see if they are able to get their license. They can also get information about passing their permit test. A person can renew their license and update their address. Motorcycle tests and licenses can also be obtained at the DMV centers. For those that do not have a drivers license they can get a state id card showing their photo, address, and date of birth. A person can also get a copy of their driving record. In addition to this a person can get a card showing that they are a veteran.

The DMV offers different driving courses to make sure everyone on the road is being safe. Defensive driving classes are offered to increase safety and awareness on the road. By passing some of these classes a person may even get a discount on their insurance. There are classes to be a defensive driver and how to cure road rage. Courses are offered for people that have been convicted of driving while intoxicated. There are even classes for those that want to learn how to safely operate a motorcycle.

The DMV centers in Delaware can also help a person register for certain requirements. A person can register to vote in upcoming elections. Those that wish to donate their organs can also register here. Young men that need to register with the selective service can find the forms they need at the Delaware DMV. Non United States citizen can get all the paperwork they need to stay legal residents at these centers. Those that are convicted sex offenders are required to register at the DMV due to Megan’s law regulations.

These are just some of the services offered at the DMV centers in the state of Delaware. These services will help a person learn and maintain safe driving habits. People can get their identification cards and find out information on safe driving.