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Each state has its own laws. The way in which license plate records and vehicle registrations are handled may vary quite a bit from state to state. Also, the way in which violations are handled can also vary quite a bit. Misdemeanors, felonies, and infractions related to driving along with their punishments can mean a completely different thing outside of a state’s border than they do inside. A license plate lookup in one state may be much easier or much more difficult than the same license plate search in another state.

  1. Auto w/ license plate # Ive been trying to find is parked illegally in our parking lot. Wanted the name so I could look up & see what shuttle run to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the person was on. Why do I have to pay for a public record?

    • Hello Cindy,

      Public records vendors compile license plate data and organize it into searchable databases. Typically, they do charge a fee in order to access their databases. If you do not find what you are looking for or if you are not satisfied with the database service, they will offer a refund.

      Your other option is to go straight to the state of Arizona,

      A request through the state of Arizona may take longer than you are willing to wait.

      I apologize for the delay in the response to your question.

      Best, Admin

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