Pennsylvania License Plate and Driving Records

On television’s “Cold Case,” Philadelphia Detective Lilly Rush solves cases that have been lying dormant with no new clues for years. She has access to the databases of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and that information often helps her to get the information she needs to crack the case.

It would be helpful to have a hard-working detective like Lily Rush help you when you need to look up a license plate number. But how can an ordinary citizen working alone use DoT and police records to find somebody?

If you know a license plate number but you don’t have any other information to go on, you might think that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be able to help you research who owns the car or truck. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation cannot give out that type of sensitive information.

Similarly, the Pennsylvania police force cannot help you lookup a license plate. The information in police databases is restricted, and cannot be accessed. The police usually won’t care if your reasons for wanting to find someone or research a license plate are valid unless you are directly involved in an ongoing investigation. Are there a real option when you need to find information related to a license plate number?

Luckily, there is a way. The best way for you to get information is to request a search of a private database. There are many companies out there that maintain their own databases of information about license plate numbers. In fact, in many cases, all you need to get information about the owner of a vehicle is a license plate number.

All of this information is legally obtained and legally distributed, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law yourself. Thanks to these private databases, ordinary people like you and me can get the information we need without breaking the law in order to do it.

A free preliminary search through a database is usually offered so you know that you can access the information you need. A small fee is usually charged for access to the complete records. This small charge ensures that you get records that are up to date and accurate. Thanks to the online databases, private citizens can now get records previously only accessible to the government or a ‘private eye’. The current online databases make access to information more fair, but you should be aware that because they are independently managed, different databases may have different access to license plate records. Try an online database record search to lookup more about a license plate number.

To help you contact the owner of a Pennsylvania vehicle, Public Records expert Dylan Finkerton has written a simple guide to finding the owner of an Pennsylvania license plate. Conducting a reverse license plate search in Pennsylvania will get you more information about the driver.

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