Florida License Plate Records

At some point, usually when they least suspect it, many people need to look up a license plate number. If you need to find someone, if you’ve been the victim of road rage, or even if you’ve witnessed a crime, you might need to know more about someone through their license plate number. Many Florida residents, from the pan handle to the Keys, have gone to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles seeking a license plate look up.

But they usually won’t get what they’re looking for from the DMV, since the DMV is not at liberty to give out private information to anyone without the proper clearance or authority. No matter your reason, if you try to get this information from the DMV, you’ll leave in defeat every time.

If you strike out at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, it’s of no avail to try your luck with your local police department, either. As friendly and mellow as your local Florida police might be, they can’t cross the line and give you personal information for another person based on their license plate number.

Even if you have a friend who has access to this type of sensitive information, you shouldn’t ask them to do this for you because you’d be asking them to break the law and possibly put their job at risk.

The Florida DMV and police cannot help you with a search for license plate or driver information, so where can you go for help? Fortunately there is a great source at your fingertips thanks to the internet. There are private companies who maintain databases of personal information in the public domain. This information is legally obtained and distributed, and is easy for you to get with a few simple steps.

You can run a license plate search through one of the private companies. Your reverse license plate lookup can help you find a VIN (Vehicle Registration Number), the owner’s name, the contact information for the owner, the vehicle history or accident record, the registration history and even the driving record of the owner. Of course each search is unique, but many clients of private databases have found exactly what they were searching for during their research.

There will probably be a fee to conduct a database search, but most people are relieved to have finally found a way to obtain the information that they have been looking for, and do not mind paying this small amount. A license plate number might not seem like much information, but it is the right information if you need to find out information about the owner of a car. The Florida DMV or the police can’t help you, but a private database can.

To help you locate the owner of a car or truck registered in New York, Public Records expert Dylan Finkerton has written a step by step guide to finding the owner of a Florida license plate. Conducting a reverse license plate search in Florida will get you more information about the driver.

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